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Title: world record bass
Topic started: 05/08/05 21:46
Author: Lee Davis
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Yes I know 32 1/2 inches was the record bass lenth but,I have caught in Lake Wells Florida a bass that has to be bigger than 32 1/2 I was using a banjo minnow 5 inch long in a 10 foot john boat ,keep in mind theres no boat ramp there so big boats out of the question , I caught 4 fish already in a 26 inch gotts cooler, then I caught it got it in the boat It would not fit in the cooler its tail stuck out I would say 7 inches from it,I put it on a stringer on side of boat and headed for shore which was 50 yards from the shore
I felt a jerk and a alligator had my stringer,this is no fish story and Im checking with Lake Wells Florida to see how long the little lake has been there,I will never know but was it the record . what the girth was could not tell you but I could put both of my fist in its mouth easy,and comments please feel free to email me at [email protected]
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08/25/05 11:14  - MuskieKid

What a BS story. Lets see your photo to back this up!!

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