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Title: Trying to break the ten pound barrier
Topic started: 02/10/05 08:06
Author: Badfish
Total Replies: 3
I regularly fish a small clear lake(64 acres) this lake gets light fishing pressure most of the time (no gas operated motors in the lake), the average depth is around 25 foot deep. Most of the banks and coves drop off quickly into water over 17 foot deep and there is basically a ring of vegetation that grows in 18" to about 12' of water all the way around the lake. In the summer this vegetation grows all the way to the surface. The bottom in the deep water is pretty featurless for the most part as the area was cleared by trackdozers when the lake was empounded in the 70's. There is only the main creek coming in and two small seasonal creeks that are dry 80% of the time. Maybe a half dozen coves and one large sloping point.

Forage in the lake is mainly bluegill and crawfish with some minnows being present. Water clarity is usually read a newspaper clear at +12 foot deep except when torrential rains muddy the lake. Lake clarity varies somewhat but is usually 12 foot or better.

I usually fish 4-6 inch ringworms t-rigged, 2-4 inch plastic crawdads on jigs and occasionally soft plastic jerkbaits weightless. Colors to match the light conditions ie lighter color baits the brighter it is changing to darker colors as the lighting conditions degrade or water gets deeper. I occasionally throw tailspins and slow roll spinnerbaits along the couple points that exist on the lake but have never had much success with them at least not at this time of the year. I also seldom throw cranks for the same reason, lack of success.
I throw alot of zara spook and similar walk the dog style lures during daylight hours changing to popper type baits the darker it gets. All lures are thrown on 6-12 lb line using medium to medium heavy 6-7 foot rods and mostly spinning tackle.

I have fished this lake for about 20 years and have caught several bass in the 7-9lb range but have not been able to tag the magical 10lber. I know they exsist because you can frequently see them in the shallow areas behind the weeds and others catch them on occasion. I would like to change that this year. I do not fish tournament style, I perfer to move to likely areas and double anchor on location. I then proceed to fancast the area especially if I know that several larger bass frequent the area I may spend several hours in the same general area scouring it with two to three baits.

Should I increase the size of the baits I use and go deeper and slower?

Am I missing a great technique or something here, why cant I break this barrier?

I'm open to suggestions here.
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02/27/05 19:08  - World Record Hunter

try to be set up in the areas you've seen those 10+ pounders before light, overcast conditions, or at night. i would suggest using a big LIVE bait. depending on what state you live in, you could use big sucker minnows or as we do here in florida-big wild golden shiners. free-line the bait with no float at all and you will be able to feel the bait's reaction to approching bass. with a live bait it may be your best best for a lake record sized bass. good luck.

03/17/05 00:50  - brantley aiken

if you have seen 10lb. + bass in the grass try throwing a large worm or soft plastic on the bank then slowly bring it in to the water it's natural and there is no splash to spook her. you are not alone i myself had to catch 100 5lb. & 5 bass over 8 pounders before i got my first 10 pounder.

09/04/05 20:02  - lookin for giant bass

if you can see them, then you can catch one site fishing next spring-if you don't know how, learn--best way hands down to catch giant bass

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