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Title: what is the weight of the world record largemouth bass
Topic started: 01/06/03 12:22
Author: Ami
Total Replies: 17
if anyone knows the size of the world record largemouth bass please e-mail me. My grandfather and I were trying to find it, but it always showed up a fake one. thank you in advance.
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01/06/03 14:20  - jesse

i am pretty sure it is 22.24

01/06/03 14:21  - jesse

i am pretty sure it is 22.24

01/06/03 14:21  - jesse

i am pretty sure it is 22.24

01/06/03 14:21  - jesse

i am pretty sure it is 22.24

01/06/03 14:23  - jesse

sorry for the confusion, my computer is wacked.

01/08/03 16:17  - scott cordell

Hi Ami,
The world record largemouth bass is 22 lbs. 4 oz.
It was caught by George Perry in 1932.

01/11/03 07:45  - Bill Warman

This is the information listed at the Hall of Fame. SEE
06/02/1932 - George W. Perry - 22 lb 4 oz - All-Tackle Record - Bass, largemouth


03/14/03 00:03  - Troy

The world record bass is 22 pounds 4 ounces. It was caught by George W. Perry on Montgomery Lake Georgia in 1932. The fish was weighed on a certified scale at the local general store for the Field and Stream contest. It was during the great depression and Perry won the contest. He then took the fish home and ate it.

03/14/03 00:14  - Troy

The only other fisherman to come close to the world record was Bob Crupi. Crupi has two fish within ounces of the record, and has personally seen 'floaters' top 24 pounds. The largest bass ever weighed was a Florida monster in 1916 at Okee in Florida. The fish was stopping up a dredge and was pulled out by a game and fish officer accompanied by the famous Jack Lamb. They both agreed it was the biggest they had ever seen and weighed the fish on the officers scale. It topped 26 pounds. It is not given credit because no documentation existed of it, the only mention is in Jack Lambs 1927 book "The Black Bass". Commercialized bass fishing did not exist then so there was no reason whatsoever for the giant bass to be worth anything more than a good meal. They simply admired it, then let it go.

05/13/03 18:04  - redman

last year in Cal. A largemouth was caught that was 51 pounds,55 inches long.

05/25/03 11:05  - Michael K

mmhmmm riiight. The world record is 22 lbs. 4 ounces

05/27/03 18:51  - Jonathan

Yea Yea it is 22lbs 4 ounces

05/29/03 13:21  - Bryce

I just read it in my book 22.4

08/29/03 10:32  - john


11/26/03 15:32  - chris

it would of been 24 pounds but the person released it so it is 22 pounds 4 ounces

01/30/04 21:32  - blake

sure redman,a 51 lb. largemouth.maybe a striper,but ill have to touch that fish to believe it.

01/18/06 17:55  - matt

I am 100% sure that it was 22.4 pounds and was caught on Georgia's Montgomery lake on june 2nd, 1932 on a creek chub manufactured lure. This information was featured recently in bassmaster magazine.

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