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Title: plastic swim baits question
Topic started: 03/11/03 08:29
Author: Dan Craven
Total Replies: 9
I am posting in regards to a question about the large plastic swim baits used for bass in CA... Do any of them operate as surface lures, and, if so, which ones. I could see them working for pike and muskies where I live in Northern Minnesota. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You...
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05/14/03 02:06  - Jacques


Check out

Also see

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05/14/03 21:22  - Richard Ziert

If this is not a set up for Jerry Ragu to post his wares, I don't know beans about why 3 posts on the same subject suddenly emerged out of the pile at the same time. Dan, You have far better Muskie baits in Minnisota, than the rest of the nation combined. However, if your are bent on pursuing swimbaits, spend some time in the salt water section of various tackle shops. Then, you might pursue a bait called the "Charlie". Just do a search on the old puter.


05/21/03 02:41  - Chris Harvey

about five years ago In-Fisherman did an article on fishing for muskies with a ten inch trout type lure called the G.S. Trout, named after its inventor I believe. It is fished like a jerkbait near the surface and they raved about its merits as a pike and muskie lure. It is also available in a sinking version and the floater ranges in size from 7" to 13" if I'm not mistaken. Also, Optimum swimbaits just came out with a new suspending model that they make in a thirteen inch bait, you might be able to fish that near the surface, I'm not sure. I'm not sure if the G.S. Trout company is still in business but you could do a search on the web and also check for that article in In-Fisherman.

07/07/03 15:12  - geoff

if ur still looking for some lures get in contact with me, ive got a bunch, old sales samples, and i would like to get rid of them all

08/11/03 01:20  - Geo has a line of swimbaits that can be used on the surface. It's called the Joint JB.
They also have a popular swimbait called the Megabait Charlie which are working well for bass.

A nice article and review is here

04/04/05 01:08  - brantley aiken

mission fish swim baits, they come in all sizes, some really big. they will suspend down to about 1 foot, however you can work them right on the surface. they have a plastic lip, come in all patterns. they are plastic, very effective & are only cost about $6. the bass i've caught on them have absolutely hammered them. a guy 2 years ago caught a 15+ pounder on this same bait in georgia. good luck.

05/18/05 00:17  - Aaron

Do an internet search for 3:16 lures and you will find one that acts as a top water. This is one of Mickey's newer baits. Handmade in SoCal!!!

10/16/05 23:38  - David Cindrich

Dan if your from MN. you must be aware of Take a look at the bulldogs and the uptown dog.

12/26/05 23:32  - Frank Johnson

Good service

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