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Awesome seminar! What I liked most was the fact that one of my long time big bass idols really sounded like a down to earth guy, and he didn't try to kid anybody that catching trophy bass will never be "easy"! Also, it was nice to have an angler of Bill's level, support my beliefs on moon phases, and weather fronts.

Oh, and sorry to Bill and the rest of you guys that I didn't get to say goodnight.......... my phone ran out of juice :-(

Very informative. Glad I didn't miss it. Much thanks to Bill, John, and Chuck,
And great fishing to all.

Fish Chris Wolfgram

Wow -- what a way to spend an hour and a half --- Thanks Bill for being so open and down to earth -- Chuck, this is a great way to get info out there -- thanks to you and your guys for getting this going --- Remember sometimes less is more ---

I will have to admit that this was the best hour and a half that I have ever spent on learning about trophy size bass fishing. This was a giant step in my trophy size bass fishing endeavor.

Reading the book, In Pursuit of Giant Bass was a treat, but hearing Bill Murphy talk was a dream come true. There was so much new information that I gained that I can't cover all of it in this post. The main thing that stuck in my mind was where that Bill said that a place with no structure in the middle of a bunch of structure may be the prime structure in the area. This is great information for me as some of the lakes that I fish has structure everywhere that you look.

Bill I want to thank you for your time and willingness to share your knowledge on Trophy size bass. This is a time that I will always cherish and will remember for the rest of my life.

Thanks Bill,


Bill your "tele"class was wonderful. It has given me a vast amount of information! Especially the knowing that I am going to need to SLOW down!!!! That was a point that I need to drive thru my skull!! Chuck mentioned it to me last week and I have already started using that info but to have yet another "Trophy Hunter" reinforce that It really helps!! Thanks Again.


I can not believe how easy it was to talk to bill.... the teleclass seemed only 10 minutes long......what I would not give to be able to touch base with him after every fishing trip.....he's been fishing for 40 yrs?......he doesn't sound any older than me!....never mind.......WOW!......now I know that I should not give up on the honey hole....those big girls are still there!....I just need to adapt to the new vegetation....go to the edge....or use pig and jig to get down to where they are......aaaarrrrrggggggh...this is great !!!!........thank you chuck, john......and thank you BILL MURPHY !!!! you are my hero!!!!


In the absence of light there is darkness........

Bill is a guiding light to thousands of novices and veterans alike, and is the absolute beacon of inspiration and information.

If you were dedicated enough to be on his tele-class, all will agree -we are better for it - and if you were not on the call please do not pass up the opportunity of purchasing Bill's book.

Few times in life are things handed to you on a silver platter. Please spend the $20 dollars and two weeks to absorb 40 years of expertise. IN SEARCH OF GIANT BASS is the equivalent to a true trophy bass-masters degree in 2 weeks.

There are almost no products that I would support at any price. Bills book is the only one I could suggest you purchase at any cost.

Zero to 20 trophies in under 30 months - thanks Bill.

Ran, my wife on the other hand has a bone to pick with you... ;-]

And so does Jeri.......

I got my book 2 weeks earlier... -- "it" happens...........

If you seek a kicker fish to seal up a tournament or that timeless memory of a lifetime
please, please just make certain Bills wisdom is a cornerstone of your mind-set.

You won't be sorry. I am not.

Besides I have decided that I will start replying to board questions with page numbers....

Just in case I am not clear.....

Bill Book: $20
Monster 16" worm (Choc & black): $2.42
45 hours on "bass-free" lake:$320
Taxidermist replica: $550
20+ years of Bragging rights: Priceless


That was the most informative hour and a half of big bass I have spent. Who's idea was that to start the teleclasses?  I think that the information we were given will ignite the WRB message board over the next few weeks.  People will  start using the tips and will have great results and will start posting messages and talking about what they did different after the teleclass.

I plan on going for some MEGABASS at Longmire this weekend if the thunderstorms
don't come through.  My wife and I are taking the ol' boat and I will not come
home until I have boated an 8 or better!  Maybe not but I plan on catching
some big ones. 

Thanks for having the teleclasses!  I will be there from now on.


I can't begin to tell you how much I learned from the teleclass last night. I was impressed by the confidence and completeness in all of your answers. I have a whole new outlook on fishing now and I look forward to applying your tips and techniques next time I head out for some big bass hunting. Thank you so much for your time with us.

Luke Carder

Thank you Bill Murphy for the lesson in big bass fishing. I learned so much, I am not done with the book yet but I am very excited, the info it contains and what I learned in the teleclass will make this year the one where I get my first trophy bass. Also thank you Chuck for making it possible to listen to the wisdom of a great angler like Bill. Without you I would never have known about Bill and his book and still would be flogging the banks wondering where the giant fish are. Now I know.

Mark Brown

I enjoyed Mr. Crupi's teleclass last night. It is a really great service you are bringing to the bass world.  It is pretty amazing the quality of people you have had on. Are you going to make tapes of the calls?

Walter Pitts


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