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Book Chuck for a Fishin' Seminar!

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Reasons to Book Chuck | Flopper's Fishin' Academy

"We have just completed a 12-month schedule of ongoing seminars that will draw lots of customers into Bass Pro Shops in Dallas, Texas. The main attraction will be Chuck Bauer, a true fishing expert with an awesome big-fish-catching reputation to back up his presentations.

"The first time I heard Chuck speak, I saw the affect he had on the crowd. I knew he was the world-class speaker that I needed on my team..., 'The Troy Aikman of Verbal Motivators.' We at Bass Pro Shops are excited about Chuck and his ability to connect with our customers, answer questions, and create excitement. Anyone wanting to build on their fishing skills should attend these seminars. They will be one-of-a-kind and filled with fish-catching secrets, and useful information."

Larry Ladnier
Bass Pro Shops in Dallas, Texas

Trophy Bass Hunter Chuck Bauer is available, at no charge, to give talks and workshops on the joy of fishin'. If you represent a fishin' club, scout troop, civic group, church, or any nonprofit or charitable organization in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Chuck would be happy to present to your audience. Let Chuck and his staff prepare a dynamic, entertaining, and informative presentation or workshop for your group. The following presentations are available:

Chuck masterfully speaks about how fishin', a true gift passed on from his father, has had a direct impact on his life. His tips and strategies center on how fishin' magically parallels life. From tips on catching all kinds of fish to how life is one big lake teaming with them, Chuck shares how life and business imitate fishin' and seeking out big bass. Chuck speaks from his tackle box which includes patience, tenacity, strength, determination, focus, commitment, belief, enthusiasm, and passion -- topics that should also be used in the toolbox of life. You'll also get to hear about the one that didn't get away.

For kids of all ages who love to fish (and even those who haven't gotten a line wet yet), Chuck and Flopper provide a fun-filled, hands-on workshop. Chuck, along with the help of Flopper, the microphone-wielding fish, shares with children his experiences as a young boy growing up with a father who loved to fish. The workshop includes the basics of fishin', including catching bluegill, bass, and catfish. It then proceeds with a hands-on knot-tying session and a highly-interactive question-and-answer session. At the end of the workshop, each attendee is awarded a "Flopper's Big Bass Bites" treat, a Flopper's "You're the Best" sticker, a tackle bag, an autographed picture of Chuck with a couple of great big bass, and an outline of the fishin' academy to keep for their very own. This fun seminar is highly charged, fast moving, and filled with photos that hold the children's interest as they learn and participate! And with a little luck, we may just hook them on fishin'.

California is a mecca for big bass and Chuck Bauer has fished lakes throughout the state discovering the prized secrets of catching big bass. This is a seminar that equips you with all the tools necessary to chase big fish while you leave the small fish behind. Find out what it takes to catch more bass, bigger bass, specifics on equipment, numerous "fishin' outside the box" tips, and powerful information to help the angler on the water. You'll hear first-hand all the details of the exact equipment to use, retrieves, how to find 'em, how to get 'em in the boat, etc. Since 1997, Chuck has certified 136 bass over 22 inches and 12 bass over 9 pounds. Find out how he does it!

Other Seminar Topics:

  • Stealth and the Lateral Line
  • Scientific Fishin'
  • Do Unto Bass as They Want Done to Them
  • California Fisherman - California Dreaming
  • Boatless Bassin' for Local Treasures
  • Summer Time Means Lead Core Time
  • The Magic of Double Digit Bass
  • The Joy of Fishin'
  • Gettin' Ready for the Record
  • Stalking the Trophy of a Lifetime
  • From Topo Maps to 10-Pounders

Profishin'l Seminars & Workshops
2810 E. Trinity Mills Rd., #209 • Carrollton, TX 75006
Email: chuck@chuckbauer.com • Voicemail: 1-888-877-0263