Chuck Bauer is a member of the National Speakers Association & a life long angler
who is available to speak to your bass club or fishing event. Chuck has a long list of
satisfied bass clubs and fishing organizations including Fishers of Men National
Tournament Trail and Bass Pro Shops, which just re-booked Chuck for monthly
"Big Bass" seminars in 2003.

For more information including actual client testimonials tap your browser to: 

For information on Chuck's highly successful kids clinic which is titled "Flopper's Fishin' Academy" tap your browser to:
Flopper's Fishin' Clinics are sponsored in part by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, Academy
Sports & Outdoors, Bass Pro Shops, Berkley, Kick-N-Bass, US Army Corps Of Engineers,
Honey Hole Magazine, The Original Line Keeper, MadMan Lures, Mister Twister/Mepps,

Or call Chuck’s office toll-free: 1.888.877.0263
Everything You Wanted To Know About Fish Attractants
ith Ken Kross, Nationally Acclaimed Chemist and Owner Of Kick-N -Bass

Free Nationwide Teleclass - November 5th 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT
1.407.649.4256  - This call is FREE, all you do is pay your own long distance charge!

Mr. Kross (a.k.a. "Cos") will come together with fishing enthusiasts from all across North America to share information and answer questions in regards to fish attractants and scents. This 90 minute national conference call is interactive with all participants sharing in high level discussion and learning. Prior teleclass instructors have been Bill Murphy, Bob Crupi, Doug Hannon, Fish Chris Wolfgram, Bobbie Gayle, Mike Long and Bill Warman. For about the price you'd pay for a few spinnerbaits, you have the
opportunity to come together
with a group of like-minded fishing enthusiast and get educated directly on fish attractants from one of the very best in the industry. 

More info on teleclasses:

More info on Ken Kross:
Pass Member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemist  . . . 
Operations Manager of Chanel Perfume Laboratories in the USA  . . . 
Worked at Revlon, Union Carbide, Georgia Pacific  . . . 
Was Chief Chemist at plants that did 500 million dollars a year on his formulas  . . . 
Owned Arizona Formulations for 5 years  . . . 
Studied scents since the early 1970's  . . . 
President of Kick'n Bass®.

Two Fishing Websites To Check Out!:

One of the new kids on the block, LBF has established itself as one of the premier overall fishing websites on Internet today. From checking out N.A.D.A. prices on used boats to buying fishing products, this is a site you'll want to bookmark and visit often. Additionally, LBF just added Chuck as one of their featured outdoor
writers! So, check 'em out today at:

Texas Fishing Forum
Certainly the very best place to talk about fishin' in Texas. J.P. Greeson has put together one of the highest visited fishing websites on the Internet  with it's main focus being Texas Fishing. J.P.'s forums have established a very loyal following and with sponsors such as Bass Pro Shops and Nitro Boats, you know this is a site you'll
want to visit often.
Texas Fishing & Outdoor Show Slated for January 17, 18, and 19th. 2003
Mesquite, Texas

The Texas Fishing Shows which is one of the largest in the country is getting prepared for it's showcase in January. All of the heavy's in the industry will be on display with thousands expected to be in attendance. WorldRecordBass will be there as well and Chuck Bauer will be one of the main speakers of the event.
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Bobbie Gayle & Les Pratt Added to Osprey SwimBaits Pro-Staff!

Osprey Swimbaits which is very popular in California and Japan has just announced that Bobbie Gayle and Les Pratt have been added to their pro-staff. Bobbie is a WorldRecordBass Hall Of Famer and Les Pratt
is a very popular fishing guide in Texas. Osprey makes a line of 7-12 inch highly successful swimbaits that have a history of catching double digit fish.

More information on Osprey?

More information on Bobbie Gayle?

More information on Les Pratt?
WorldRecordBass Teleclass Cd's Available

How would you like to spend time accessing some of the greatest Big Bass Hunters at the touch of a cd?
Imagine for a moment as:

Bill Murphy (In Pursuit Of Giant Bass),
Bob Crupi (#2 & #5 Biggest Bass),
Doug Hannon (The Bass Professor),
Fish Chris Wolfgram (No Cal Trophy Hunter),
Bobbie Gayle (2 Texas ShareLunkers),
Mike Long (262 Bass over ten pounds),
or Bill Warman (Arizona Trophy Hunter)

interact with a live audience and answer questions and offer hints and suggestions in catching big bass.  Just about everything you wanted to know about bangin' double digit bass is here and that question that you have been wondering about, well that is probably answered in one of these cd's.
There is no where else where you can access this fantastic library of information. Whether you need a kicker fish for your tournaments or you want to get the latest techniques on bangin' big bass, then these WRB teleclass cd's are for you. 

Only $14.95 each or check the website for special pricing on multiple cd's.

Think out of the box!   Order a hard to find "In Pursuit Of Giant Bass" book by Bill Murphy or a hard to find "Bodacious Bass"  video by Bob Crupi and Danny Kadota with each cd you order!

Actual CD Testimonial:
"I recently acquired a set of the four initial CD's offered by Chuck Bauer and This set consists of teleclasses from  Doug Hannon, Bill Murphy, Bob Crupi, and "Fish" Chris Wolfgram. These CD's were informative to say the least. They have given me insight into specific behavior patterns of big bass. There are many more interesting insights into other aspects of big bass also. Particularly interesting is Doug Hannon's total disbelief of George Perry catching the 22-4 world record largemouth. Hannon presents several believable reasons as to why this catch just didn't happen. I initially debunked these CD's because I thought they were all about live bait. Crupi is the only one who really goes into live bait. I would recommend these CD's to anyone looking to seriously educate themselves to aid in
their pursuit of truly big bass."  Kelly, VA

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