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Trophy Interview

John Henderson
Belle Plaine, Kansas


8.5 pounds



Catch Date:

March 1996

Body of Water:

Private pond

Lure or Bait Used:

Rapala Frog

Rod Used:

Berkley Lightening Rod

Rod Length:

6 foot 6 inches

Reel Used:

Abu Garcia

Line Used:

17lb test Silver Thread

Scent Used:


Fish Location Before Catch:

Edge of moss line

Fishing Method Used:

Electronics Used:


I had been to the pond a few days previous to this visit and lost several BIG fish. This time I had spooled with Silver Thread 17lb test on my Abu spinning reel. I had also noticed alot of frogs is the area, and purchased the Rapala Floater/diver frog in the same color patterens that I had seen at the pond (dark olive green topside with a creame belly).

Check Weather?


How Weather Checked:

Weather at Time of Catch:

85 degrees and partly sunny

Before or After Front?


Moon Phase:


Were Satellite Photos Used?


Stealth Technique:

Made a long cast to edge of weeds.

Fishing From:



Troy Hays and Brian Wallace

Scale Used to Weigh Fish:


Bassin' Big Bass Contest?


Big Bass Record Club?


Member of (Bass Club):


Years Fishing:


Introduced to Fishing By:

Ray Henderson



Favorite Big Bass Book:


Favorite Big Bass Video:


Favorite Big Bass Hunter:

Chuck Bauer




[email protected]



Significant Factor(s):

This was a Big fish here in Kansas. I truly believe that the frog population had a role is this catch. This fish was getting fat off of frogs during that time, and when I laid the frog just barley on the outside of the weed line she ate it!

The Story:

I had a few friends fishing with me on the bank of this cove. It was a shallow water cover adjacent to deeper water, about 10:00 am with a partly cloudy sky overhead. My partners were fishing live minnows on bobbers about 2 1/2 feet down, and catching lots of smaller fish. I had decided that there must be some bigger fish in the pond and new of the heavy frog population around, so decided to throw the rapala. I caught the BIG girl on my FIRST CAST of the frog! She came up and nailed it, and then went deep. My rod bends in half and almost breaks in two, as the drag rips line off the reel. Giving only a short fight and just jumping once, she came through the small clearing in the moss to shore!! Estatic about the fish! My biggest to date, I went nuts!! Screaming and yelling for a few minutes while holding that Big Fish,I felt like I had won the superbowl or something. My friends and I had made so much noise the landowner, a couple of coves, down ran over to see the fish and MAKE sure I was Going to RELEASE it. I assured him that I was a CATCH/RELEASE fisherman and that it would be there again for another day....


I miss that fish and wish she would write.....lol


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