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Trophy Interview

Mike Siefert
Texarkana, Arkansas


9 pounds 8 ounces


24.50 inches long



Catch Date:

February 27th

Body of Water:

Millwood Lake

Lure or Bait Used:

Plum color, All Terrain Ring Craw

Rod Used:


Rod Length:

6 foot 6 inches Medium Heavy

Reel Used:

Abu Garcia 4600CB

Line Used:

17 lb Silver Thread

Scent Used:

Real Craw

Fish Location Before Catch:

Bass was caught at the base of a Cypress tree

Fishing Method Used:

Pitchin' to trees

Electronics Used:



Checked weather, packed plenty of coffee, drinking water, and peanut butter crackers. Respooled reels fresh line, oiled reels, put craw worms in ziplock bag with Real Craw 2 days prior, charged batteries, checked weather, called buddy and said """"""""Lets GOFISH<)))><{DUDE""""!

Check Weather?


How Weather Checked:

www.weatherbug.com and The Weather Channel

Weather at Time of Catch:

62, High Blue Skies/no Clouds/SLIGHT breeze out of the south.

Before or After Front?

Behind the Front

Moon Phase:

5/8 Waxing Moon

Were Satellite Photos Used?


Stealth Technique:

I kept the trolling motor on LOW, easing thru the trees pitchin softly.

Fishing From:



Gary Moore

Scale Used to Weigh Fish:

Normark Digital

Bassin' Big Bass Contest?


Big Bass Record Club?


Member of (Bass Club):

BackLashers: Texarkanas only Christian Bass Club!

Years Fishing:


Introduced to Fishing By:



Bomber, Team Excalibur, Heddon, Bass Assassin, Rat-L-Trap, SilverThread, Gene Larew, Team DualPro Chargers, LSI Spotlights, Team ProTec, SouthernPro, Lamiglas Rods, War Eagle Spinner Baits, Lockhart Lures, Sure Life Labs, Rite Bite Baits, Texarkana Scale Co., MST Mfg, Camco Mfg, Rebel Lures, Cordell Lures, ChampioshiP Marine

Favorite Big Bass Book:

In Pursuit of Giant Bass by Bill Murphy!

Favorite Big Bass Video:

Favorite Big Bass Hunter:

Doug Hannon




[email protected]



Significant Factor(s):

Watched Line / maintained constant touch with craw worm.

The Story:

Using a 1/8 oz weight with glass bead, I was pitching at base of cypress trees in 8-10 foot of depth, from one tree to the next. I knew the fish were close to the trees and roots. The front had just past the day prior, and we had a 62-64 day last day of February. Water temps ranged from 56 to 60 and fairly clear (6-8" visibility). The fish were so tight to the trees, they were almost a part OF the trees. I just pitched the craw to the base and would rattle / shake it, without moving it any horizontal distance, kinda' "in-your-face" shaking it. As I lifted it to shake it one last time before moving to the next tree, it felt "mushy" or "gummy" like I was in moss or grass. Instead of continuing to "pull" on it, I just held it in that position with the same amount of constant pressure or, how would you say, holding in that same position, without adding additional pressure? What seemed like eternity, I think she just had it in her mouth, and turned her head enough to move the line maybe 2 or 3 inches, and it got "heavy" like, or maybe just a ever-so-slight tightening of the line. I knew it didnt feel right, so I thought what the heck, I set the hook, and man, she just exploded with power and headed to deep water. I yelled, "GET THE NET!!!!! SHES THE ONE WE CAME AFTER!!!" After what seemed like 30 minutes, (probably 5 at most) we netted her, photoed her, and released her healthy to spawn. It was awesome!


She was absolutely gorgeous. Dark green and black, colored beautifully, pre-spawn, full of eggs, I just could not bring myself to kill her and put on the wall. I took all my measurements, photographed her, and put her back on the tree roots within a few minutes. Had Ron Kelly build me my replica, and it will last forever, rather than a live skin mount which begins to decompose over about 10 years.


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