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Trophy Interview

Walter Pitts
Lawton, Oklahoma


10 pounds 4 ounces



Catch Date:

Spring 2000

Body of Water:

Mountain Lake, OK

Lure or Bait Used:

Strike King Tube -- Green with black flakes - no weight

Rod Used:

Quantum Trophy

Rod Length:

6 foot 6 inches

Reel Used:

Quantum 500EX

Line Used:

15lbs P-Line - blue

Scent Used:

Fish Location Before Catch:

Along drop off in a creek channel

Fishing Method Used:

Sight fishing

Electronics Used:



I had been fishing Mountain Lake for several weeks and had been catching a lot of fish between 7 and 9 lbs -- in the shallows -- it was exciting twitching unweighted tubes like top waters in 2 feet of water in the flooded fields and bushes -- the fish looked like sharks as they attacked from as much as 20 feet away -- This fish was caught off a drop off in the North Creek of the lake -- I had seen many big fish in the area over the last few weeks - she took the tube right at sunset in the gloomin -- I weighed and released her -- the picture didn't turn out -- it was too dark -- you can barely see the fish-- this was my first bass over 10lbs -- I caught another one there a few months later --

Check Weather?


How Weather Checked:


Weather at Time of Catch:

No wind, mid 70's

Before or After Front?

A few days in front of cold front

Moon Phase:


Were Satellite Photos Used?


Stealth Technique:

I was sight fishing from my 2 Man Buster Boat -- in shallows -- sometimes we used oars instead of the trolling motor in such shallow water

Fishing From:



Robert Blackburn

Scale Used to Weigh Fish:

Berkley Digital

Bassin' Big Bass Contest?


Big Bass Record Club?


Member of (Bass Club):

Years Fishing:

About 50 years, off and on

Introduced to Fishing By:

My dad


Favorite Big Bass Book:

Shaw Grigsby

Favorite Big Bass Video:

Doug Hannon

Favorite Big Bass Hunter:

Doug Hannon




[email protected]


Significant Factor(s):

Time on the water where I knew there were big fish -- I set a goal to catch a 10lbs bass that spring -- to do that I decided to fish were I was sure there were lots of big fish - I had fished the lake at least 20 times that spring before I caught the fish

The Story:

I had left the shallows on the east side of the lake to try the creek on the north end -- I had seen many quality fish there in the previous month -- it had been a great day but it was getting too dark to see -- I was in the last 5 minutes of fishing when I saw a wake about 5 feet out from the ledge in 10 feet of water -- I couldn't see the fish -- I threw out the tube and twitched once lightly - the fished engulfed the whole area -- I could tell it was heavy -- she didnt fight long and came to the boat easy --- in just a couple of minutes -- I smiled really big as I took a picture which didnt turn out -- as soon as she was back in the water I headed out - it was completely dark when I hit the road


It was great to finally catch a big one --


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