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Trophy Interview

Eric Elshere
Ojai, CA







Catch Date:

March 25, 2001

Body of Water:

Lake Casitas

Lure or Bait Used:

4" Green Weenie Roboworm

Rod Used:

Shimano Convergence

Rod Length:


Reel Used:

Shimano Chronarch

Line Used:

8lb Maxima Crystal Ivory

Scent Used:

Hot Sauce

Fish Location Before Catch:

15 Flat

Fishing Method Used:

Dead Sticking a Drop-shotted worm

Electronics Used:

Lowrance X-70


I didn't really prepare, it was the spawn, I knew I'd get fish, so I just got a lot of sleep and bought a few extra packs of 4" Green Weenie Roboworms.

Check Weather?


How Weather Checked:


Weather at Time of Catch:

Mild to Cool and Foggy

Before or After Front?


Moon Phase:


Were Satellite Photos Used?


Stealth Technique:

None really, just blind casting a worm!

Fishing From:



Father Larry, sister Michelle and good friend in another boat Jay Poore(In a tournament at the time)

Scale Used to Weigh Fish:

Certified Lake scale

Bassin' Big Bass Contest?


Big Bass Record Club?


Member of (Bass Club):


Years Fishing:

10 plus

Introduced to Fishing By:

My father


Bigfishtackle.com, Deadly Duo Plastics, Basstrix, Osprey Lures, CD Lyon Construction, Booyaa clothing

Favorite Big Bass Book:

Don't read them

Favorite Big Bass Video:


Favorite Big Bass Hunter:




[email protected]



Significant Factor(s):

I believe the key ingredient to me catching this enormous bass was the fact that I didn't fish shallow for the spawning fish. My dad and sister, along with the tourney anglers, were all bed fishing. I casted into deeper water of a slight break and drug the worm slowly and basically dead sticked it. The bass hit it like a perch, and it was the greatest fishing day of my life.

The Story:

We were harrassing small bed fish and I decided to fish out deeper, knowing that the bigger females usually tend to stay out deeper at Lake Casitas. I casted to deep water and sure enough I found ONE lonely bush in the water. It was about 15ft of water and I stopped the worm on tight line and let it sit for over 1 minute, and when I did so, she tapped it, and I hit the fish. The fight lasted for about 4-5 minutes, the BEST fight of my life. She did everything right, went to deep water and stayed away from all the brush in the area. Because she was so big I had to do as she pleased using only 8lb line, but I knew if I didn't pull to hard, the Maxima would hold strong and not let me down. About half way through the fight, she jumped an amazing 5 or so feet in the air and that only made her more mad. Before this day, I had caught a handful of double digit bass up to 12 pounds, and I knew this one was bigger. When she was close enough to see this monster, I knew she was almost too big to fit in the net. My sister went to net the beast and almost hit the line and broke the fish off, but my Maxima held strong and didn't let me down. We finally got her in the net and she was enormous. We ran to the bait shop and took a good 10 pictures or so, weighed her and took her measurements. We released her back into the lake just about where I got her and she is out there today swimming around, more than likely pushing 20 pounds.


I,d like to thank Maxima for making a line that didnt let me down, and Shimano for making the reels and rods to hold true to handle the MONSTER fish on such light tackle. Thank you guys for the best gear out there. Above all, I thank the Lord my God for giving me the chance to catch this fish and to land it under bad circumstances.


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