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Trophy Interview

Randy Maxwell
Arlington, Texas




45 3/8


32 7/16

Catch Date:


Body of Water:

Lake Fork

Lure or Bait Used:

Bandit 200 Crankbait

Rod Used:

Shimano Crucial Rod CU-60LA

Rod Length:

6 foot

Reel Used:

Shimano Magnum 100ULS

Line Used:

8-pound test P-line CXX Copolymer

Scent Used:


Fish Location Before Catch:

In 8 feet of water

Fishing Method Used:

Casting and winding

Electronics Used:

Garnin 240


I was prefishing for an upcoming tournament and planning to working through areas with a search bait.

Check Weather?


How Weather Checked:


Weather at Time of Catch:


Before or After Front?

In front

Moon Phase:


Were Satellite Photos Used?


Stealth Technique:

Low speed on trolling

Fishing From:



Gary Gilinsky

Scale Used to Weigh Fish:

Certified scale for propane

Bassin' Big Bass Contest?


Big Bass Record Club?


Member of (Bass Club):


Years Fishing:


Introduced to Fishing By:

My mother


None yet

Favorite Big Bass Book:

Mike Longs Big Bass Secrets

Favorite Big Bass Video:

Big Mouth Bass

Favorite Big Bass Hunter:





[email protected]



Significant Factor(s):

I was in the right place at the right time and a little dumb luck

The Story:

I was throwing a small crankbait at approximately 11:AM and hung into what I originally thought was a log. This thought quickly changed into “o my goodness, what do I have here”. This thing kept pulling and pulling and pulling. I couldn’t reel, all I could do is hold on and try and turn it. After turning it the first time, it went straight down and wrapped me up. I kept pressure on it for what seemed like an eternity before it came loose and took off again. I had to turn the fish at least a dozen times including twice under the boat. When that fish first went underneath the boat, I thought it was all over. All I could do was hold the rod straight down and pray. To my amazement, all components held and the fish would take off in another direction. I was in a stump field and figured it was just a matter of time before something in my light tackle setup failed. All I can say is I must have been blessed that day and it pays to have quality tackle. After being wrapped up three times and all those stops and turns I was able to bring up a monster 51-pound appaloosa (Flathead) catfish. My partner (Gary Gilinsky) grabbed the bass net and tried to scoop the fish. All that would fit was the big old head and as he tried to lift on it, the handle bent and the fish blew through the netting. The fish took off again and now I’m fighting it through a busted out net. Thank goodness it was in weaker state by then and I was able to thread the rod through the net and get it back up to the surface. I asked the nice lady (Linda Hurley of Hurley’s R. V. Park) that watched the fight from the bank if she wanted a big old catfish and she yelled “yea”. So I kicked the trolling motor in high gear and towed the fish to the bank so we could land it there. My partner, after 3 tries, finally grabbed it by the gills and lifted it into the boat. We all stood there is amazement and wondered what we would do with it. I tried to weigh it on my scales and it snapped the hanger chain like it was thread. Linda (very nice lady) volunteered to take me to the Lake Fork Country Store to get it weighed on their certified propane scales. To my amazement it weighed 51 pounds and measured 45 3/8 long with a 32 7/16 girth. What’s even more amazing was the tackle I landed it with. I was throwing a white Bandit 200 crankbait on a 6’ light action Shimano Crucial Rod CU-60LA, powered by an old Shimano Magnum 100ULS 3.8-1 ratio strung with 8-pound test P-line CXX Copolymer line. Life is good and things like this make it better. After getting the measurements and photos we released it back into the lake to live another day. It's now a legend in that cove and R.V. Park. I would like to give special thanks to Linda and Larry Hurley and Gary Gilinsky for all their help. This story is as much yours as mine. I just love the people of east Texas (God’s Country). Randy Maxwell


I hope to get the rod & reel record for Texas and Fork and the all tackle on Fork as well as the World 8# line record.


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