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Cody Pierce

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Since starting the Hall Of Fame here at WorldRecordBass.Com, many fishing enthusiasts have been recommended to us. Of course, there are only a few that stand heads and shoulders above the pack and after careful consideration we are happy to announce the induction of Mr. Cody Pierce.

Cody's 17.05 pound Florida Largemouth Bass, caught off the shore of Lake Murray, CA.Cody is a major BIG BASS HUNTER as well as a fisher of many other species. For his age (16 years old as of 2002) he has amassed a huge list of records and achievements to which we congratulate him. Additionally, his father Danny has served as a mentor to Cody and has been an example for him to follow.

When I first spoke to Cody about WorldRecordBass.Com I shared with him our website commitment to positive personal development as well as a "Say No To Drugs" message. Cody is totally onboard with this message. Cody just might be one of the next fishin’ heroes that we will be able to share experiences with. The other thing that struck me about Cody is that he is humble as well as gifted.

We are thrilled to be able to showcase Cody and we wish him continued success in the fishing industry.

Here are some of his career highlights:

Magazines Featured In:
Bass West
Inside Line
Fish Fur-Game
Southern California Hunting & Fishing News
Sporting Classics

IGFA LMB M-Junior Division World Record Holder
17.05 pounds,  Largemouth Bass caught & released
Lake Murray, California March 22, 2000
Is the 15th largest largemouth bass officially registered at IGFA! (at time of catch)
Named the Catch of the Year for 2000 by So. Cal. Fishing & Hunting News magazine.
Read about the catch below . . . 

Cody's Awards:
IGFA 10 lb. Bass club member, 2000
IGFA 10 lb. Bass club member, 2001
BASSMASTER Lunker award, 2000
BASSMASTER Lunker award, 2001
In-Fisherman Master Angler award, Largemouth Bass, 2000.
In-Fisherman Master Angler award, Largemouth Bass, 2001.
In-Fisherman Master Angler award, Blue Catfish, 2001.

Current Sponsors:
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Boss Bait and Tackle, San Diego, CA.

I've been fishing since I was 10 years old. My dad says I was born to fish but my real goal is to be a pro fisherman. I am fortunate to live near a lake in San Diego, California. On Wednesdays my first high school class doesn't start until 9:30 so I regularly get to fish for about 3 hours before I have to be in class.

Everyone dreams of landing a lunker and on March 22, 2000 my dream came true. I had about 5 minutes left before I had to go to school so on my last cast of the morning I was able to set my Owner rig n hook into the upper lip of a monster. I was using Shimano rod/reel combo spooled with Berkley Trilene 10 lb. line. I fooled her on a Texas rigged 4" chocolate blue veined worm.

She was documented, photographed, kissed and released. My catch almost doubled the IGFA LMB M-Junior Division World Record. She officially weighed in at 17.05 lbs. IGFA said it is the 15th largest LMB registered for world record consideration, ever! The catch even tops the ADULT state records of 45 states.

I was 30 minutes late for school that day but my dad said it was okay because you don't get to break a world record everyday!

Bass regards,
Cody Pierce, age 14 (At the time of catch.)


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