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Mike Long


Cooperstown. Baseball. The Hall Of Fame. Americas past time. Babe Ruth. Hank Aaron. Mark McQuire. Sammy Sosa. Barry Bonds Ken Griffy Jr. Names that will be remembered through time.

Castaic. Dixon. Spring Lake. Miramar. Stick Marsh. Berryessa. Fork and many others. That’s our Halls Of Fame. Americas up and coming past time. Bass Fishin’. A World’s Record that has stood the test of time. George Perry. Bill Murphy. Bob Crupi. Paul Duclos. These names will be remembered through time as well . . .

Yet, it’s time to add another name to the list. And that name is Mike Long.

Mike hails from Southern California and has over the recent years has established himself as one thy premier Trophy Bass Hunters in the world. Mike awoke the fishing industry when back in 2001 he banged a 20 lb. 12 oz Largemouth Bass from the crystal clear waters of Lake Dixon California. That particular fish was the largest certified in the last ten years. Yet, one fish, even with that size doesn’t make him "the man."

What makes Mike Long is a humble and friendly attitude and his willingness to help others. Beyond that he is a very devoted family man to his wife Debbie and his two young children, daughter Kelsey who is twelve years old and eight year old son Colton who just recently caught his largest bass at 10.1 pounds. Mikes grandfather was the one who showed him how to fish when he was a young six years old. Fast forward thirty years later and Mike has learned a lot from being on the water for that period of time.

Mike is a regular contributor to the WorldRecordBass Teleclasses and he also fishes some local bass tournaments. He fishes off shore as well.

So, let’s not bore you with the enormous amount of bass that he has caught over 15 pounds. Nor will I bore you with all the lake records he possesses, including ones for Catfish, Crappie, and Trout! We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves . . .

Mikes 20 Pound Fish:
On April 27th, 2001, at Lake Dixon Ca. At about 6:00 a.m. it all began, one of my best days on the water fishing for bass. After about 30 minutes of running the banks in a rental boat I came across a very huge bass one that I thought was about 17 lbs., I tied on a white Proline jig and made a cast, after about 30 minutes the big mama inhaled my jig and the battle was on, 5 minutes later my heart was broken when I saw my jig pull out of her mouth.

I took a boat ride across the lake and returned an hour later, the big bass had returned to the area, I got a second chance. I tied a 6" Castaic swimbait to my 7' Graphite USA spinning rod with a Team Daiwa real, spooled with 15lb. Maxima line and said a little prayer to God for one more chance. I tossed the bait into the area she was relating to, and put my boat as far out of the area she was in as I could. I let the bait sit on the bottom for about an hour without ever moving it, so the big bass would move back into the area, and it worked, she was back near the bait, two twitches of the bait and the battle was on again, this time it was a 7-8 minute battle which resulted in the 8th largest bass ever caught, and the largest bass ever sight fished.

She was 27"x27", "the perfect bass". After a weigh-in, and photo shoot, I released the bass back into her home.


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