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"Fish Chris" Wolfgram

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"Fish Chris" Wolfgram

"Fish Chris" Wolfgram lives about halfway between Sacramento and San Francisco, in Northern California. He worked in tropical fish stores for many years and also worked on a fish farm. He has been keeping fish in aquariums for nearly 30 years.

Fish Chris has fished for many of the freshwater North American sportfish as well as several saltwater species. And yes, in case you were wondering, he does speak fish as a second language! He has been fishing for bass since he was a kid, but had never really fished specifically for "Trophy Bass" until a few years back. Now he is a dedicated Big Bass Hunter with a high amount of ten pound plus fish.

You will find his articles and experience a "must have" in every tackle box. Fish Chris is a regular contributor at WorldRecordBass Teleclasses and his "TrophyBassOnly" website is one of the web's most popular fishing web-sites.

Check out the Big Bass Hunter Decal in Chris' Back Window!


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