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Bob Crupi


WorldRecordBass is honored to have Bob Crupi as one of our Hall Of Fame members. Bob is a retired L.A.P.D. Officer and now runs a full time guide service from his home in Southern California. Bob’s biggest claim to fame are two certified bass over twenty pounds (one just three ounces shy of the world’s record) plus he has over 150 ten pound bass certified through the I.G.F.A.

Bob has certainly achieved celebrity status. Media blitzes, magazines & newspaper write-ups, TV shows, etc. Bob says that at first, it was very uncomfortable. It took him a long time to get use to everyone knowing who he was.

However, the biggest benefit from this was average fishermen found out that basic skills applied over and over will give you the ability to catch bigger fish. As an example, he has caught many bass over 10 pounds . . . yet do you know how many times he went out and caught nothing?! More than you would care to know. Plus, he has over 50 clients registered in the I.G.F.A.’s 10 Pound Club.

Bob also shared one of the funniest moments of his career when Outdoor Life Editor Jerry Gibb accompanied him on a trip. Bob had just caught an 11 pound fish when in all of the excitement, Jerry fell overboard from Bobs boat, ½ hanging in & ½ hanging out. Bob had to hoist him back in the boat - talk about two grown men having the laugh of their lives!!!

Bob is a regular contributor here at WorldRecordBass Teleclasses and you can order his Big Bass Training Video, "Bodacious Bass" right here. If you’d like to book Bob for a Big Bass Hunt, you can reach him at 1-661-424-9315.


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