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Paul Duclos

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On March 1st, 1997 history was made when a 24 pound bass was caught by Paul Duclos of Santa Rosa, California.

Now, history is replete with the naysayers of the universe of which jumped on the 24 pound bandwagon. Every excuse was made from "live lining trout" to "the photograph was altered" to "the bass was only 20 pounds!"

Yet, the truth is Paul, an avid BIG BASS HUNTER, had a premeditated plan to knock out a massive bass. Paulís track record to this point was numerous teen + bass out of Spring Lake and his BIG BASS instinct told him they might be larger ones laying in wait. Sure enough, he was correct and shocked the world when he banged this TWENTY-FOUR pound bass. The reason for the naysayers is because of THEIR belief system. The reason that the fish was caught was the talents and BIG BASS HUNTING ability that Paul possesses.

Fast forward five years and we find Paul with over 100 ten pound plus bass. Not only from Spring Lake, yet, Paul has banged huge fish from many other impoundment's in Northern California.

We are honored to have Paul as a member of the WorldRecordBass Hall Of Fame. We are happy to champion him and we wish him continued success and many large fish!


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