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Cody Pierce

Cody's 17.05 Florida Largemouth Bass caught off the shore of Lake Murray, CA.

Cody Pierce

IGFA LMB M-Junior Division World Record Holder
17.05 pounds, Largemouth Bass caught & released
Lake Murray, California March 22, 2000
The 15th largest largemouth bass officially registered at IGFA! (at time of catch).

Cody & Danny Pierce holding Cody's trophy for setting the I.G.F.A. Largemouth Bass M-Junior World Record.

Here's another shot of Cody with his 17 pounder.

Cody Pierce appears to be either getting, or perhaps, giving instructions on the fine art of angling on the stern of the Point Loma out of San Diego.

Cody Pierce, age 11, "Top Stick" on his very first sportfishing adventure on the Point Loma out of H&M Landing in San Diego. Cody outfished everyone on the boat!

Cody handfeeding a seagull @ about 12 knots.

Cody Pierce

Another angler caught this fish, not much larger than the bait fish we were using. Cody was laughing so hard he wanted a picture of the "monster." All fish can't be trophies, you know? Almost every fish Cody caught that day was 10+lbs.

Cody's very first yellowtail, Cody is so small here.

Cody Pierce

Here is a largemouth bass Cody caught while sight fishing. He was breaking in a new Shimano rod/reel combo when he caught this bass. Cody had a brand new Caddis float tube that day. It was the very first time he used the new float tube. In only 30 minutes he landed this beauty @ 11.70 lbs.

This shot of Cody's record 22 lb. yelloweye rockfish was one of several runners up for bigfishtackle.com's 2001 photo contest.

Check out the stomach on Cody's HUGE Yelloweye Rockfish!

Babe Winkelman congratulating Cody Pierce on his third IGFA Junior World Record. Babe wrote, "To Cody, It was great fishing with you in Alaska. Congrats on your new World Record!

Good Fishing,
Babe Winkelman
Aug 8, 2001

One day's catch. Left to right - Babe & Kris Winkelman, Cody & Danny Pierce. There are no bass in Alaska.

This shot has never been posted on any site. Waterfall Resort gave Cody a Waterfall Resort guides hat for catching an awesome fish.


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