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I found out this year that bass fishing is HUGE in Japan. I hauled around an editor, and a photographer for 3 days, they took over 3000 pictures, and asked almost every bass fishing question you could think about, they really love fishing.

Here's what Mike has been catching them on: Mission Fish Bait

More Mission Fish Baits

Another nice Mission Swimbait fish caught on July 4th out at Lake Perris. This one went 15.1 lbs.

Mike Long

Here is one of my favorite pictures, I call it "Kaos at weigh-in" there is at least 20 people you can't see in the picture, this is what you have to deal with at big bass weigh-ins in San Diego........the bass weighed 15-9, the photographer to the right of the picture is Mike Jones from Bassmaster Magazine.

16.0 caught on a 7" Mission Fish Swimbait.

Mike Long
Lake Poway
A 14.9 lb. Bass caught on a 6-inch swimbait.

Mike Long
Lake Cuyamaca
Three 8 pounders and a 9 pounder caught at Lake Cuyamaca, Elevation 4500 ft.

Mike Long
Lake Jennings
An 11 pounder and a 12 pounder caught out of Lake Jennings

Mike Long
Lake Cuyamaca
Another good pair from Lake Cuyamaca - 10 pounds on the left and 9 pounds on the right.

Mike Long
Lake Dixon
Mike with a 15 pounder and a 12 pounder from Lake Dixon.

Mike Long
Lake Poway
Mike with a huge 18.1 pounder which he caught from Lake Poway on a jig in about 25 feet of crystal clear water.

Mike Long

Certified 14 lb 1 oz on a Berkeley digital scale and was caught on a black jig. Mike certifies most fish by taking accurate measurements and weigth.

Mike Long

16 lbs 2 oz tipped Mikes scale!

Mike Long

This 17 pounder fell for a 9" plastic worm!


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