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Javad Trew

Spring Lake in May 2002 yields another 12 pound 4 ounce fish for Javad. She fell for an A.C. Plug that Javad masterfully ran about one foot under the surface when she hit it.

Javad Trew

Spring Lake 10 lbs. I caught this one on a smoke gray tube bait while sight fishing.

Javad Trew

Spring Lake - 11.9 lbs.

Javad Trew

Spring Lake - 15 lbs. caught on a hot pink tube while sight fishing.

Javad Trew

Spring Lake - 13.8 lbs. Caught on a Black Emerald Baby Brush while sight fishing.

Javad Trew

Spring Lake - 10.3 lbs. Caught on a live crawdad while sight fishing

Javad Trew

Spring Lake - 16.5 lbs. Caught on an Emerald Baby Brush Hog while sight fishing. This is the fish in the story THE HAWG'S NEST.

Javad Trew

Spring Lake - 15.2 lbs.

Leah Trew holding a California Motherlode

Spring Lake - Caught on a Junebug Baby Brush Hog. My mom didn't catch it, I did, but when we snapped this photo, we didn't know we only had one more shot left in the camera until it was too late. At least we got it on film before we released her.

Javad Trew

Lucchesi Park - 35 in. 25.6 lb. Blue Cat. 2lb line class record. Caught on an 1/8 oz roostertail. The record I broke was a length record with the Fishing Hall of Fame's Catch & Release Division. The old record as 31 inches. I shattered it by 4 inches. I was lucky enough to get the weight of the fish certified.

Javad Trew

Spring Lake - 10 lbs. Caught while sight fishing


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