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10.8 Lbs. Caught 10/01/02

9.5 lbs. July 19, 2002. These have been the strongest fish we have ever caught. I wonder what makes some fish so strong. When you have a 7 lber. on you would swear it was 10. It was fun. We didn't do any good today. We were using very, very big Perch and it was going to take a very big fish to bite. The lake was very, very crowded too. We came in early and we are going home early.

8.50 lbs. - July 19, 2002

10.5 lbs. - July 19, 2002

Butch Gayle

Butch with a 10 pounder Caught 7/17/02

Bobbie Gayle

Bobbie with a nice one caught 7/17/02

Here's a 10.5 caught on 7/16/02. Perhaps Bobbie's Big Bass Hunter T-Shirt was the key????

The fish did great. Splashed me big time when I put her back. See the rainbow?

Bobbie Gayle

World Record Bass Hall Of Famer Bobbie Gayle banged this 12.53 pound bass on June 28th in West Texas.

Here is another shot of Bobbie's 12.53. bass. Look at the "cape" of this fish!

Butch Gayle

Bobbie Gayle

A really nice 11 lb. 3 oz. bass caught May 3, 2002

Butch Gayle

Another one over 10 pounds - March 2002


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