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Fishing Seminar Testimonials

Thank you for coming to our Pack meeting last night. My son really enjoyed your presentation. You made a huge impression on my 10 year old. Thank you for your time and effort. We appreciate you and your volunteers.

Carolyn White, Assistant Cub Master

The kidos were so excited and I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful event for children. The parents enjoyed it as much as all the kidos. All of the thank you's from kidos and parents were overwhelming. Being a sponsor of the Flopper Academy is probably one of the best rewarding events for you to be involved in. Today's event definitely made a lasting impression on our future anglers.

Connie Kilpatrick - Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits

Flopper's Fishin' Academy was invited by Richardson Church of the Nazarene for fishing and fellowship. Chuck showed his stuff BIGTIME as he is a motivational speaker and had the kids fired up. He spoke with them about life lessons, hard work, family and fishing. These kids learned to tie fishing knots and how to cast. The casting part was very interesting and I will be bringing a hard-hat and chest/b ack padding next time."

Gene Gradick - Gary Yamamoto Baits

I want to thank you for a great seminar. The club enjoyed your information on how to get a kicker bass. I was impressed with the 100 points and the stealth information. It is something that 99% of us fishermen and fisherwomen over look.

Considering the amount of club members that gave you their cards and phone numbers asking to go fishing with you, I would consider that the seminar was a total success.

Thanks again hope you can come back again. The Burleson Bass Club welcomes you anytime. Thanks again.

George Roberts - Burleson Bass Club

Great job on the fishing seminar! I still have that habit of fishing up close. I can not thank you enough for speaking to our club here in Texarkana.†† Every club, every bass fisherman needs to hear your seminar.

J. D. Cooper

I brought my son to the Flopper's Fishing Academy that you had a few weeks ago in Richardson. I thought that was great! He actually caught his first bass (he had only caught blue gill and sun fish) Saturday before last on the Berkley 4" worm drop-bait that was in the free fishing academy packet. We were fishing a pond in Farmers Branch and he caught about a 1/2 lb bass on his FIRST cast! He was pretty excited.

John Morgan

Wow. Chuck. Man, what a seminar last night at the club presentation! Your information, the focus on preparation, the 100 pt system, the stealth piece, ALL of it makes so much sense, that we never think of all those things combined. I along with many others, really liked the 100pt system about how we go about our daily lives, our fishing, (do i get a point or take away a point??) etc. So much great information, almost too much to digest at one time. I noticed many guys taking notes (me included!!) for futher reference. I also plan to read that book, In Search of Trophy Bass by Bill Murphy and make a committment to try some new things. I have got to get out of the 4 to 6 pound "box" i have been locked in for way too long! I had several guys tell me last night they loved your presentation and were SAD when you made us take a break! LOL! Some said it wasnt long enough, they wanted to stay and hear more! It was an awesome time spent with yall and we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to drive over from Dallas. Thanks again and keep in touch. I owe you big time for this one!

Mike Siefert - Past President, Backlashers Bass Club, Texarkana, USA

Fantastic seminar, and an opportunity to meet and greet some faces behind these handles (Texas Fishing Forum) here! I really enjoyed meeting y'all and I especially enjoyed Chuck's presentation. He is a fantastic speaker and if any of y'all bass-clubbers out there are looking for a speaker he would be a great guy to have.

Chuck, thanks for a sterling presentation and a good time, and best of luck!

Outdoorsman - Texas Fishing Forum

Chuck did an excellent job at the seminar tonite. Excellent at engaging the audience. Would highly recommend to everyone if you get the opportunity to attend in the future. Great value and worth the time.


You left me wide awake all night after your seminar. You really know how to get the mind kick started. If you folks ever think youíre in a rut, then a talk with Chuck is what the fish doctor perscribes. I think I'll name my ShareLunker "Chuck", after his inspiration!

Randy Maxwell

I want to thank you for the entertaining and very informative seminar for the Colony Bass Club. There have been many times during other speakerís presentations when some of our members grew tired, bored, and even disruptive. This was certainly not the case during your seminar.

After an hour and ten minutes, I suggested we take a short break before going into the question and answer segment, knowing that it would last for a while. It should be noted that NONE of the members wanted to stop. In fact, I was almost booed out of the room for suggesting it.

One must conclude by that, and by the many questions you fielded during the next hour, that you were well received and appreciated.

I hope to be in attendance at some future presentation of yours.

Thanks again and my best wishes for your continued success.

Rusty Robbins - The Colony Bass Club

Big Hand to Chuck. What a great seminar. My wife and I picked up quite a few good notes, fishing spots at Ray Bob, and are planning on heading to East Texas to that secret lake this week-end to do some fishing "out of the box". My wife felt a little timmid since she was only 1 of 2 women there, but she said she had a great time and learned a lot. We're looking forward to the next one!!

Sinker - Texas Fishing Forum

Chuck described the methods to "trick" big bass into biting. He had much advice about not "following" the crowd and being different if we want to catch bigger fish.  His content was excellent and his powerpoint presentation was helpful and easy to follow. I can't wait to see him again!

Terry Price


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