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Full Name:

Please use the name you use socially. In other words, if your full name and title is Dr. James T. Kirk, Sr., Ph.D. but you go by Jimmy Kirk as soon as you step into a fishin' boat, please fill-in "Jimmy Kirk."

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A URL is an address by which people access your web-page. URLs are all lowercase and use no word spaces. In the space above, replace NAME with what you wish to call your web-page. We recommend that you use your last name. URLs are given out on a "first come, first served" basis.


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TWO FAVORITE FISHIN' PHOTOS assumes you have the written permission of every individual in these photos who is alive and identifiable, to publish their image. Each photo requires a 1- to 3-sentence caption. Please make sure your photos are well-exposed and in-focus.






  1. E-MAIL -- Label uncompressed .jpg-formatted photos "NAME1.jpg," "NAME2.jpg," etc., and attach each to an e-mail. (e-mail to our webmaster, [email protected]).
  2. DOWNLOAD FROM THE WWW-- Our webmaster can download your photo from a pre-existing web-site. E-mail our webmaster ([email protected]) the complete URL of the page from which to grab the photo.
  3. SURFACE MAIL -- Send to our webmaster via US Surface Mail (do NOT send Next-Day Air or require a signature for delivery) : David Freeman, 1404 Summer Ridge Court, Roanoke, TX 76262. Label each photo clearly with your last name on a "Post-it" note. If you want photos returned, provide our webmaster with a self-addressed, correctly-stamped envelope (including cardboard to protect photos).



Favorite Lake (State):

Favorite Lure:

Fishin' pole:

Fishin' reel:

Fishin' line:

Favorite Technique:

Fishin' Mascot:

Favorite Fish:

Bass Boat:

Fishin' Attractant:

Sonar Unit:

GPS Unit:

Trolling Motor:

Bass Boat Engine:

Presidential Candidate:

All-time Bass Fisherman:


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