Flopper's Fishing Buddy:
John Deckard
Dallas, TX

Fishing Photos

A 13-pounder from night fishing, in the winter. This is a great way to sneak up on the lunkers. Night fishing in December and January is my favorite time. Imagine having a trophy bass lake to yourself. Be stealthy, cast long, retrieve slow, and hang on!


This 12-pounder came in the heat of the day with a LONG cast from shore. It hit a 6" bluegill SKWID in 25-feet of water.


This is “Pooh,” the heavyweight of my 2001 season at 14.75 pounds. Caught in early January, she went for an 8-inch Chartreuse SKWID, 15-feet down in 40-foot deep water at Lake Fork. This one was donated to the “Share a Lunker” program and was the only one from Fork in 2001.


Fourth of July, 2001, with the Deckards; complete with Blake (in his dad's arms) and Brittney (right front).

My Favorite Links

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World Record Bass

Great site :-) No, really, read the articles and chat with people. There are so few places to talk to people that concentrate on Trophy Bass fishing.

Trophy Bass Only

One of my favorite sites. As the only other site with good trophy info, this one concentrates on California Trophy hunting but has many others, including salt water.

Fishing World

A good store in Dallas. If you are looking for an 8" plug or every other store is sold out, they usually have it in stock. They deal in high quality Largemouth, Peacock and salt lures.

Fishing Works

From tides to moon phases to fishing reports, lots of info here! They have it all in one place.

Honey Hole Online

Good for info on Texas local waters. The information is interesting, and it is focused on Texas.

Pro Bass

Very neat site; worth a look. Lots of information for the tournament fisherman.

Hits Unlimited

Looking for something fishy? This has ALL the most popular sites ranked by traffic. Lures to reports to resorts, you will find it in here and quick.

G Loomis

The Excaliber Sword of a trophy bass fighter. If you are out there hunting with the heavyweights, you need real backbone with castability for all those long casts. They may cost more, but cost less than treatment for depression when the dream fish beats your rod, not you.

Share-A-Lunker Program

The season has opened! The start of the trophy fishing season announcement from TPW. If you are fishing in Texs and plan to take a big one, consider donating it to the Share-a-lunker program for breeding.

Fishing Information

2001 was a tough, and short, season for me resulting in seven trophies over 10-pounds. Heaviest of these was the 27.25-inch "Pooh," weighing 14.75-pounds (Certified) caught on the "S.K.W.I.D." Pooh was the only TPW Share-a-lunker from Lake Fork in the 2001 season.

I learned many new tactics and strategies for the 2002 season and would like to hear about your strategies if you are a trophy-only "freak." I am always interested in learning anything that gets me to my new 2002 goal: the Texas State Record. If you are not a "freak," and want trophies big enough to pull your wall down, here are a few tips and strategies I have learned.

I once heard that 99-percent of bass fishermen will never catch the trophy of their dreams. If you are exceptionally dedicated; stay up with the newest lures, patterns, techniques, equipment; get the boat, motors, and keep current by reading the articles and watching all the pros; sooner or later you will probably decide that this an accurate estimate. Why?

Because 90-percent of lunker opportunities are missed. Not by color, action, or size; but speed of presentation. Your average bass fisherman misses their dream catch by 50+ miles-per-hour. Not by missing the exit to the lake but by driving over the fish at high speed in a bass boat. Think different.

Here is a simple trophy test. How do you touch-up 8" lures? Do you even own an 8" lure? Which is longer: your boat, anchor rope, or rods? Ever replace the boat's carpet with foam to make it silent? Do you night fish... in the winter? Ever held a "beer keg with fins"? No? Want to? Think different. Start fresh.

Learn not how to catch fish, but how to catch trophy-class lunkers. If you have the persistence and desire to "beat the banks," you probably have what it takes to take one trophy a month. Forget all the marketing hype and leave your ego at home. Instead concentrate on the F.A.C.T.S.

FOCUS -- Concentrate on trophies only. Leave non-trophy lures, habits, partners, and thinking at home. The first key to being a true trophy predator is to leave the "herd" mentality.

ADJUST -- Make a mental commitment to learn and improve. Change your tackle, habits, heroes, and partners as needed. I don't use live bait often, but it is an excellent way to start over and learn.

CONTRARY -- Observe the "bank beaters" approach and do the opposite. Stay away from the bank beaters, they will push the fish out to you. Trade the 100 fish days for blank stares when your friends see your trophy wall. Put your lure into a slow, ambush presentation instead of being reaction dependent. Hogs decide to eat, while non-trophies reaction-feed.

TENACITY -- Things will get hard. I successfully winter fish and sitting in one position, silently, for hours in the snow takes a great deal of tenacity. You may choose a different approach; however, success requires persistence.

STEALTH -- Everything that makes noise, uses a motor, or has moving parts; turn it off, tape or tie it up -- including your fishin' partner. In a trophy's mind:

Trolling motor + splashing + unusual sound + MEAL = pain + trouble - MEAL.

Wouldn't you just say no?

A few fundamental changes make all the difference. Trophy-only fishing is very challenging but is often cheaper than being a "bank beater." I find it easier at the end of the season to hold my head up and smile at my wall. You will, too, when you decide to get the FACTS and think different.

Fishing Sponsors or Affiliates

I have no fishin' sponsors or affiliations, at this time. Lots of preferences, though; see below.

Personal Background

Spouse: Randi-Sue

Children: Brittney, Blake

Email: [email protected]

Check out the Deckard family, complete with our newest addition, Blake. Together with his sister, Brittney, they are just four or five years away from their first trophy Bass!! ;-] With soon-to-be-three trophy hunters in the family, we are blessed with my very understanding, supportive, tolerant, loving wife, Randi-Sue. Thankfully, she is more understanding than tolerant of my passion, focus and drive in life and fishing.

My All-Time Fishing Favorites


Fork (Texas)

Lure #1:


Lure #2:

SKWID 69 db

Lure #3:


Fishing Pole:

G Loomis




Big Game 12 or 15

Technique #1:


Technique #2:


Technique #3:

More persistence

Time of Year:


Fishing Store:

Bass Pro

Fishing Partner:

Chuck or Jeri

TV Personality:





Trophy only

Offshore Spot:

My boat :-)




Kick 'N Bass

Sonar Unit:


GPS Unit:


Trolling Motor:

Air Impeller

Fishing TV Show:

I want one ;-)

Boat Engine:

Air Impeller

Bass Club:


Tournament Circuit:

Trophy Only

Presidential Candidate:


Bass Fisherman:

Murphy, Crupi

Magazine #1:


Magazine #2:


Magazine #3:






Fishing Guide:

None consistent

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