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Mike Biggs
Fort Worth, TX

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Ambush Lures

This is the latest in bass technology, the silent killer.

Tuff Line

This is the Tuffest line in the industry, the one this pro depends on.

Sewin Sam

The sewing man of the stars.

Mad Man Lures

The most innovative and realistic crawfish lures I have ever used.

Kick 'N Bass

The juice that willo get you more strikes and make fish hold on longer than anything else on the market today.

Finger Rest Company

This is an innovative item that attaches to your reels so you can feel your line better.

Nichols Lures

The spinner bait and buzz bait that is made with quality and fishermen in mind!

Easy Retreiver

This is a must for those people that fish near rocks or trees. It is easy to attach and retrieve your favorite lures.

American Rodsmiths

The best made rods for the fisherman who wants to feel the bite.

Fishing Information

The one that got away! One day this past year I had a guide trip on Lake Fork, Texas, where I had gone to one of my Honey Holes with a good friend and customer of mine. It was a beautiful day, light wind, sun was out, fish were biting... when all of a sudden I spotted a large fish moving toward my crank bait. The next thing I knew the fight (so I thought) was on!

The fish was pulling line off my Shimano quicker than I ever expected. I noticed the only thing that stood between me and Mrs. Congeniality was a sumeridge tree. As I eased back on my rod, I noticed something wrong. The reel that I was using was stong, with 12-pound P-line. (If you have never fished Lake Fork before, you might want to use a lot bigger line than 12 pounds test.) I put that famous prayer out to the big man and he replied I had used up my one for that day by releasing that monster before I could get my gready little hands on it.

Mrs. Congeniality jumped out of the water sporting her new lip ring that was in the same shape as my crank bait. She was estimated to be at least 13+ pounds. The moral of the story is to bring big line and plenty of nitroglycerin tablets for the heart break afterwards.

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The Bass affiliations that I will fish for 2002 season are Wal-Mart and Media Bass.

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I'm a single man and have no children of my own at this time. However, this is one of the reasons that allow me to fish so much. I put on seminars to help teach the kids as much as I can about the wonderful thing that our forefathers and God have left us and what we can do to return what we can into keeping these things for the future kids to enjoy.

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Cypress Springs, Texas

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The one that catches fish that day!!!

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American Rodsmiths




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Worm Fish

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Finesse Fish

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Bass Pro Shops & Academy Sports and Outdoors

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Lynn Winter

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Fish Fishburn




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Kick 'N Bass

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Bass Masters & FLW

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Media Walmart

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My Papa, Tom Butler

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Bass & Walleye

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Armstrong Outfitters (Greg Reedy) - Ray Roberts

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