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Big Bass Hunter Test

Big Bass Hunting takes Preparation, Education, Attitude and Technique.

The BBHT test consists of 100 items, divided into four major sections, that will help
you gauge your current skills and provide you with the techniques and strategy to
bang BIG BASS.

Read the following key features of this test prior to completion:

  • Helps you achieve small improvements over time

  • Take this test on a monthly basis, print out your results, compare your results

  • If the item will NEVER apply to you, mark NEVER...you get a point for it

  • Print out this list and take it with you

  • Work on a few steps at a time...develop good habits and work towards a 100

Challenge yourself to improve upon each of these items and as your score on this assessment test improves, you are moving toward your goal of bangin' big fish.

Complete the Test Form Below...

Always Some-
Not Yet Never

I place new line on my reels for each trip

I color or smear different colors on my line by using a Sharpie or Marks-A-Lot pens

I wet my line each time I tie a knot

I have my reels checked and have them overhauled at least once a year

I oil my reels every three months

I have reviewed my fishin’ strategy at least two days before my trip

I have checked weather.com for a detailed forecast for the area I will be fishin’ in

I have studied and reviewed topo or satellite maps of the lake

I am prepared for changing weather

I have different strategies available in case my main plan does not work

When I shop at my favorite tackle store, I stay in the salt water section

My polarized glasses are clean and ready

I have a certified scale with me when I fish

I have a six foot long tape measure with me when I fish

I have the Bassin’s BBWC Tape measure with me when I fish

I have a camera that is simple for me or anyone else to operate

I have a back up instamatic camera for a "just in case"

I have all my Trophy Certification forms in a notebook so I can certify on the spot

My notebook has additional paper, pens, important phone numbers & is waterproof

I have a working cell phone that is protected from moisture or condensation

I have all my main tools, lures, hooks, pens in a Tupperware container

I have "stealthasized" my boat with extra padding & soundproofing

My boat is full of gas, oil and the batteries are charged

The tire pressure of my tires is within the recommended range

I have reviewed my fishin’ plans with a friend or have asked at the WorldRecordBass.Com message board

Always Some-
Not Yet Never

I have read and studied Bill Murphy's "In Pursuit Of Giant Bass" book

I have reviewed and studied Bob Crupi’s "Bodacious Bass" video

I have read and studied Bart Crabb’s "The Quest For The Worlds Record" book

I attend each WorldRecordBass.Com Trophy Talk Teleclass

I attend each BIG BASS seminar that I can

I read and study all the articles I can find on BIG BASS hunting

I am a regular visitor to WorldRecordBass.Com and their message board

I have read and studied all the articles found on WorldRecordBass.Com

I am a regular visitor to TrophyBassOnly.Com and their message board

I have read and studied all the articles found at TrophyBassOnly.Com

I fully understand that BIG BASS have an affinity for deep water

I am a member of the Big Bass Record Club

I am a member of the I.G.F.A.

I am a member of Bassin’s Big Bass World Championship

I am not afraid to ask questions or seek out help

Bill Murphys’ book is on my night stand

I take Bill Murphys’ book with me fishin’ in case I get stuck and need some ideas

I have the monthly schedule of WorldRecordBass.Com teleclasses in plain view

I am open and available to new ideas and concepts

I will be flexible with all information and will use what fits me the best

I know that having pre conceived notions will hinder my ability to learn

I respect that others may choose to fish differently than me

I glean additional information from Bass Fishing Home Page, ProBass.com, BassResources.com, BigFishTackle.com, OklahomaBassFishing.com, FishingNotebook.com, AllAngler.Com, KicknBass.Com and E-BassAngler.Com

I seek out true BIG BASS Hunters and establish relationships with them

I understand the book that I don’t read, the video I don’t watch won’t help me in my quest for a Trophy Size Bass

Always Some-
Not Yet Never

I wake up with a good attitude

Before my departure, I make sure to be calm and get into BIG BASS ZONE.

While traveling to the lake I utilize silent time to get mentally prepared.

I eat and take only energy providing foods when huntin’ for BIG BASS.

I drink only bottled water when huntin’ for BIG BASS.

I place myself on a point system. I reward myself points for doing things that will move me closer to my goal of bangin’ a big bass.

I understand that I become the average sum of the five people that I fish with.

I do not get in a rush and I watch the adrenaline pushes.

I am enthusiastic about my fishin’ goals.

My goals are written and shared with my "fishin" accountability team.

I load my truck and boat the day before I go, freeing me to think about other things.

I get the best sleep possible the night before my hunt.

I look forward to my fishin’ experience with anticipation.

I am on a fishin’ career path that I know will be rewarding.

I will not let what others have to say influence my decisions on how I fish.

I know that Big Bass Hunting may require me to hunt alone.

I stay within the boundaries of I.G.F.A. certification process.

I always provide accurate measurements and weights.

When I take my BIG BASS photos, I hold my fish close to my chest.

Flopper is my favorite fishin’ mascot.

I participate in the discussion during the Trophy Talk Teleclasses.

If I don’t want to divulge information, I say that. I don’t lie or tell a story.

I hunt BIG BASS at night under the cover of darkness.

I hunt during the winter when their defensive systems will be at their weakest.

My life is in balance and in order allowing me to have more positive energy.

Always Some-
Not Yet Never

I always fish in front of a front.

I hunt on 3 day waxing up or three days down the waning side of the moon phase.

My rods are always a seven foot flippin stick or bigger.

I use the best available line for my conditions.

I use a heavy duty reel that can handle a ten pound plus bass.

I understand the "affinity" that BIG BASS have for deep water.

I use my electronics to assist me in locating BIG BASS.

I understand stealth principles and apply them.

I never use my big engine until its time to place the boat on the trailer.

I always disconnect my trolling motor when not in use.

When I set up on a spot, I turn everything off.

I wind drift into a location that allows me to cast to my target areas.

When everyone else is fishing shallow, I will go deep.

I double anchor my boat.

I have dyed my anchor ropes different colors every three feet.

I am always thinking what a BIG BASS might be doing when I am on the hunt.

I will search out and find small impoundment's that have the key ingredients to producing a BIG BASS.

I am prepared to side scan sonar my spots.

I use live bait when it is the best available choice.

I fish from the shore when I can cast to deep water.

I use 12 inch or longer worms.

I "stitch" on a regular basis.

During summer, I use lead core or stainless steel line to troll with.

I am comfortable throwing a big swim bait

I can cast just as effectively from my left side as well as I can from my right side.

* Please note this assessment is NOT EASY. First time takers usually have very low scores. You are only in competition with yourself. Use this tool to help you measure how you excercise the fundamentals of catching BIG BASS.

Assessing these items may lay a foundation that can save you countless hours and keep you from wasting your hard earned money on things or techniques that in some cases do not work for catching BIG BASS.


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