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Sniff-Sniff, Taste-Taste, Bang-Bang!

Bobbie Gayle

WorldRecordBass July 2002 Hot Tip!

This has been a very exciting time ever since Chuck Bauer called and asked if Butch and I  would be Hall Of Famers on World Record Bass. Since then we have met so many interesting people via the Internet and Teleclasses and are learning about how so many other people are fishing and what they are catching. It is always fun learning new things so thanks so much Chuck and World Record Bass.

Most of you know that Butch and I have just been added to the Kick-N-Bass (KNB) Pro-Staff and are very proud to be a part of a product that we truly believe in. We have been using KNB since 1998 and when fishing was slow we would get it out and try it. We always would catch fish so it became part of our fishing lives. There are several ways we use it.

When we are fishing with worms, we take an extractor that was made to take a chunk out of a worm so that you could add a rattle. Actually, when we started doing this we had never seen a rattle extractor so Butch made one using a cross pen ink cartridge. He cut it to about 2" long. You insert it into the belly of the worm and pull out about an inch of the rubber. Then he found some compressed sponge from an office supply store. They are the flat kind that when you add water to them, they expand. People use them for advertising. You cut it to fit into the hole of the bait and you fill this with KNB or your scent of preference. If you want you can put a little of the worm back, yet it is not necessary. This allows the scent to last a very long time and make the fish hold on to the bait longer.

We also use worms that are made by Undertaker or Paddle tails. They have a bait called the "Centipede." It has very unique legs (hundreds like a centipede) that when you pour you scent on them it seems to last forever and the fish really hang on this. They come in many different colors so that I know you will find one you like.

All plastic baits come in sealable pouches so when we buy them we put a few dabs of KNB in each pouch, helping to seal in the flavor. Another little trick we use is using a wire brush on the plastic baits, the kind you use to clean BBQ grills. Grab the brush and "stab" the wire into the plastic, creating hundreds of little poures.  After stabbing them, we pour KNB on it so the pours will actually hold more scent than normal.

Many of our friends here at WorldRecordBass throw the large swimbaits. I know that most of them will use KNB or some other scent on their swimbaits. Especially when they are new right out of the packaging they have that plastic smell to them. Just add a few little dabs and that should take care of it.

Since we love to fish with live bait, we have found that sometimes "live" doesn't matter. They still might not take something that is live. So, we squirt KNB on the waterdog or whatever we might be using. This method seems to call the fish to dinner. There are no excuses to go out fishing and not catch fish.

We carolina rig our live bait. We use 80lb. test Spider Wire and a leader using 25lb Triple Fish. We use a 1 oz weight for days that are not windy and a 2 oz. for the windy days. We use a circle hook (Gamakatsu - 5/0 for big baits and 6/0 for smaller ones.) for live bait because when the fish puts the bait in their mouth and starts to run, they hooks themselves in the side of their mouth. This way you do not hurt the fish and boy, can they put up a good fight. Just remember that when you are taking your pictures and you are holding the fish out of water, hold your breath. When you can no longer hold your breath, neither can the fish.

Bobbie Gayle
WorldRecordBass Hall Of Fame
Plains, Texas


Profishin'l Seminars & Workshops
2810 E. Trinity Mills Rd., #209 • Carrollton, TX 75006
Email: chuck@chuckbauer.com • Voicemail: 1-888-877-0263