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12 Pound Topwater By John Deckard

Sunday the 23rd of 2002 I caught a 12 pound Bass on top water with an AC plug. With the lunar phase at 3/4 waxing and the weather shifting with a front due in Monday the 24th I decided to go fishing at Fork.

We had some heavy rains the week before and had experienced some warming
through the week. These factors told me that the females would probably have been slowed moving to the beds so there would be a greater number of staging females.

The Lunar and Weather effects made me feel that these staging females would be at a peak activity level so I moved to heaviest duty baits. I started out using Castiacs, 12" Fin-S and the spotted AC plug. The wind quickly made the FIN-s unpractical in and I felt that the speed capabilities of the AC in this instance made it my best choice.

It took about an hour and a half and it was nailed on the second tug in about 17 ft. right on top. By "Winnie," a fish that was 25.4 inches long and 21" girth and looked 12 perhaps 13 pounds. (25" length and 21" girth is normal for a thirteen pound Bass here in Texas).

I was specifically looking to get a "teen" on top water. The conditions were perfect and although other methods are higher probability for a teen fish, there is nothing like top water trophies. I was using the AC in what I believe to be its most effective roll of bluegill imitation. This is were the plug is pulled gently from the surface so it makes A light pop sound like a bluegill does while it surface feeds. Nothing loud, just subtle And gentle pop – pull - slow stop – surface- pause and repeat pop-pull and BANG!

A whale surfaces on my lure.

That first surge for deep water is phenomenal and harder than my 14.75 last year. The surge bringing my Bass Pro XHeavy flipping stick and Big Game 15 (camo’d :] ) line to its limits as she lunged, stripping line fast after a hard hook set.

The fight didn’t last long, I always take command in a fight and while not forcing the fish, I give no line without a struggle. I set & nearly accomplished my goal of a teen trophy on top, however even if not quite a teen it was a rare treat indeed. I’ll learn and try harder next time.

I do not fish the beds and this is quite late in the year for me to be on the water but it was a worthwhile day.

With the right equipment, conditions and tenacity you too can get the hook-up of a lifetime.

About The Author:
The Texas Share-A-Lunker program is what most fisherpeople dream of achieving. Well . . . Big Bass Hunter John Deckard has done just that by entering the only Bass from Lake Fork in 2001 with a weight of 14.75 pounds. Beyond that, John has certified 19 bass over ten plus pounds since 2000.

John is known for his unorthodox fishing techniques of which he attributes much of his success to Bill Murphy (In Pursuit Of Giant Bass) from Southern California and applies many of the methods he has learned from him.

John speaks monthly at Bass Pro Shops in Dallas and he looks forward to contributing to the Trophy Talk Message Board and speaking with you on one of the Trophy Talk Teleclasses.

See John's Fishing Buddy Website.


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